Eric Don-Wai Heung

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I am a graduate of Darmstadt University of Applied Science of Animation & Game. My interests lie in environment and level design but also the development of game mechanics and game design.

I started my first steps as an artist but quickly realized that I also have a keen interest in the more technical aspects of game development. As part of our semester projects, I worked on all kind of different games covering single and multiplayer, 3D and 2D games.


Animation&Game (Bachelor of Arts)

Darmstadt University of Applied Science

Multiple semester projects:

Release the Kraken – Singleplayer Puzzle Adventure

SocialLike – Multiplayer PvP Hero Arena Shooter

Stockfall – Multiplayer Action with up to 4 players, with 1 player being a traitor

Lampas – Singleplayer 2D Action Adventure with Tobii Eyetracking technology

Arkandh – Singleplayer Third-Person Action Game with focus on bossfights

Environment Artist & Level Design

Technical University Darmstadt

Create environment assets for a fitness game using the Oculus Rift and an ergometer for input. Purpose was the research of motion sickness of virtual reality.

Environment Assets, Level Artist

2D/3D Artist

Envision Entertainment

Concepting architectural design and vegetation
Creating stylized 2D and 3D environment assets

3D Generalist


Level Design, Environment Props


Darmstadt University of Applied Science

Animation&Game (Bachelor of Arts)